MarketSource Military Spouse Jobs

Saluting Military Spouses

We know that being a military spouse involves dedication and flexibility. MarketSource is dedicated to supporting active military personnel, veterans and their families through any transitionary periods, including relocation. At MarketSource, we provide diverse career opportunities to work with the world's top brands – providing you with training and development in a career that aligns with your passions and interests. We understand many military spouses constantly restart their careers with new military assignments. With career opportunities across the United States, you have the ability to continue developing and excelling in your career with MarketSource regardless of the location your new military assignment takes you – across the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada!

Flexible Opportunities for Military Spouses

MarketSource values the unique experiences and skills that military spouses bring to our workforce. We are dedicated to helping these individuals transition into a career at MarketSource that leverages that specialized expertise. With opportunities near many of the U.S. military bases in North America, check to see the opportunities near you.

Military Partnerships

Serving Others is a Core Value that is deeply embedded in everything we do. We serve our clients daily by ensuring we deliver on our promises to them. We serve our colleagues by empowering and enabling their growth and development. And, we have a long-standing tradition of serving the communities where our employees across the country live and work.

Our commitment to serving others is reinforced when our team members give back in their local communities, donate to worthy causes, and gather as leaders to lend a hand to serve our heroes. A growing number of partnerships include:

Thank you for Your Service

At MarketSource, we know the strength of our nation's military comes not just from the women and men who serve, but also from their families, who serve alongside them and make great sacrifices in service to our country. On behalf of MarketSource, we would like to recognize and thank all of the military spouses at our company (and around the world) for your relentless courage and devotion to our nation’s service members. We thank you for your service and greatly appreciate your commitment.

Build your relationships, work hard, and have a selfless attitude.

– Eva Davis | HR Business Partner